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Globe is a versatile business solution that allows organizations to gain a deeper insight into the operational health of their business --- across departments, and with customers, suppliers, and vendors. Its full suite solution is designed for organizations that perform light manufacturing or light assembly, distributes a range of products to various market segments, or bases their business on a service-oriented business model.
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Synergy is a Web-based business process management (BPM) solution that maximizes productivity by providing everyone access to the very latest information, anytime, anywhere. Synergy's Internet technology makes it possible to link everything within an organization - people, documents, workflow, projects and more - from a single database platform.
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Macola ES

Macola ES is an ERP solution designed with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, and includes applications that manage accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities, workflow, documents, human resources, CRM and exception management that unify the entire enterprise. Businesses using Macola ES gain unprecedented levels of organizational visibility, control and measurement.
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Macola Progression

Macola Progression has consistently held the distinction of providing the most robust, feature-rich solution for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. You know it as the Progression Series. This oft-awarded software continues to provide a solid platform with recent updates, upgrades and new functionality.
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Not everyone needs complex ERP. Designed specifically for small to mid-size manufacturers, MiSys integrates seamlessly with the most popular small business accounting systems to transform accounting software into an industrial strength manufacturing system.
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Complete Shipping Manifest Solution Multi-Carrier Support / Financial System Interface.
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We have partnered up with S & G Telecommunications with over 40 years of experience in the
telephony industry. Together we can provide a cost effective and reliable VoIP telephone installation.
As Allworx has evolved and grown over the years, it has gained insight into companies of many sizes
and stages of development. The end result? Communications products that make it easier for people to
do their jobs. Backed by the financial resources of their parent company , Arkansas-based Windstream,
Allworx is part of one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the world.
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V-locity is a enterprise level solution designed to significantly increase virtual platform I/O
performance. Before V-locity there was no effective solution for broad virtual platform performance
optimization. V-locity bridges the gap between virtual guests and intelligently manages the resource
demands between them, without sacrificing I/O bandwidth.
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Complete, flexible and simple solutions to bar code and database generation.
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As a Dell Registered Partner, we can provide you with Dell's customized line of servers, power
workstations, general business workstations and laptops as well as assist you in selecting the right
model and features for the best solution and maximum ROI.

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